Aidan Kresnik's Commission Info!

Tablet Commissions

Tablet commissions (or main commissions) can have up to 4 characters of any size in one drawing.

Simple Phone Commissions

Simple phone commissions can be any size, but the price will double if a full body is wanted. Simple phone commissions take less time and are less detailed.

Vanilla NSFW and ship art is okay. No fetish art.

Detailed Phone Commissions

Detailed phone commissions take longer than simple phone commissions, but aren't as detailed as tablet commissions. Up to 2 characters can be in one drawing. The second character adds an extra $10 for bust and thigh up drawings, and an extra $20 for full bodies.

Like with simple phone commissions, vanilla NSFW and ship art is okay.

Payment Info

  • Payment is done via PayPal or Ko-Fi.

  • Payment is done upfront for first timers, with some exceptions.

  • No refunds.